Friday, 12 August 2011 22:43
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Well, not right now I'm not drawing. But hopefully on Tuesday I will be. If things work out right, Fay and I will go to Immortal Pie and Larder on Tuesday somewhere before 4 with this one pic I haven't finished coloring, my art supplies, and some more paper for drawing. If things go even better than that, we'll clear off the table in tha living room and draw there.

Why the Pie and Larder place you may ask? Well some mental thingy is makin it hard to draw on the table. Partly, not enough room. I likes to have lotsa room to draw. Second, the body doesn't like being on its tummy for a long time, hurts the back and other stuff. So drawing on the laptop desk, laying on the floor, not so likely. There's room now to do that if we wanted to. Oh, and we've drawn (on the computer) at the Pie and Larder place, and they had a nice big table and not many people there. Also, tea!

We'd draw on the pooter at home, but the grafics tablet is all wonky. Works only as a giant touchpad now. Pen doesn't work. Spare pen doesn't work. I has a sad. :-(

Anyway, I wanna post more here. I'll try ta think a more stuff to write bout.

Brrr. I'm a havta remember to make us wear proper shoes to FredMeyer's, as well as the long sleeved blouse. My feets is cold from the AC.


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