Tuesday, 20 March 2012 17:49
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WE'RE GOING TO THE ZOO THIS THURSDAY!!!!! *Scream of delight*
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Just got through coloring a picture I had half-colored for months, that I drew a LOOOONG time ago. It has fairies and animals and running flowers and food (like hot dogs and ice cream) growing on bushes, and a dress growing from a tree. And a castle in the sky. And dolphins!!! I took a photo of it and I'm too pooped to load it now.

When I finished coloring that, I drew and colored a holiday card. It has a picture of ME on the front, and a green cat, and rudolph the reindeer. And a snazzy snowman!

The inside has a family portrait drawing of all the people in this body together. I'm making a silly face on the inside picture of me, and I'm wearing awesome socks! Then the back had a picture of a butterfly. I'll scan it tomorrow at Brooky-poodle's housey-kins. ;-)

I iz a tired bebe now. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
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Well, we didn't get to go to the art place yet, and we haven't been out to draw yet. Got up too late for the art museum on the day we were going to go. Well, not actually too late for the art museum, mind you; we could have gone, but we wouldn't have been there very long. We have been getting up a bit too late for a number of things, and I find myself a bit annoyed.

But that isn't really anybody's fault. It's the silly body, and various sorts of things that just conspire to poop on my parade.

And now, we've got this new project, of writing, though that will have to be thought about more. So that gives us some time to do things like think or perhaps draw while we think, or maybe think at like maybe an art museum? Hint hint hint hint...

I really hope we wake up at noon tomorrow. I really want to go to the art museum or go drawing somewhere, especially before Brooke starts to draft us to help move stuff.
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Didn't sleep too well last night wif all the wires on for the sleep thingy, but I had Mr. Mestopholes (my big pink bunny rabbit), and the breaskfust buffet is very very delicious! And boy am I stuffed!

We go to church at 9:30 today. Unitarian Universalism!


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